Corona Alert

Corona Alert


In the amid of COVID-19 Pandemic crisis our country has been turned upside down with continues addition in number of effected cases on daily basis and made it inevitable for the Government to impose total lock down throughout the country.

It has become a challenge for the Government to identify, track and service the impacted COVID-19 patients timely and effectively. It is also some time difficult to reach out to the effected individual(s) real time location and help them on time.


The concept of the Mobile App is derived from the challenges defined above in the introduction which will facilitate public and the Government authorities dealing with crisis effectively.

ZS team conceived this idea keeping in view of the current need in Pakistan and around the world to develop such an App for the community service only.



Government Body Integration Points:

      • Health Authorities
      • Testing Labs
      • COVID-19 emergency response team


This was a Self-Funded Project of Corona Alert under the CSR(Corporate Social Responsibility) and Community Service.