ZS EMR is designed by professionals who have an incredible experience of successfully running Healthcare business over a long period of time. Our development and domain expert team includes doctors who themselves are aware of the challenges that are faced in Healthcare industry. The software provides end-to-end outpatient clinic management and tightly integrated with Medical Labs and Pharmacies of patients/physicians choice.

Paper environment is a bulky mechanism of handling the Healthcare Business and take up costly space. Filing, retrieval of files and the re-filing of records in a paper environment are very labor intensive methods to store patient information. If a record is checked out for one department another department can’t access the chart. Unavailability of immediate access to key information in emergency situations is also a serious issue. Paper medical charts cannot be effectively searched and used to track, analyze or chart voluminous clinical medical information and processes.

All issues that are mentioned above are efficiently resolved in EMR. Our solution allows all healthcare practitioners to document clinical notes, schedule office visits, and bill for medical services, all without any vendor lock in. Our solution provides small to medium size doctors’ office an electronic medical records and practice management system. It is built on reliable and most up to date technology platform and is designed to improve workflow in business primary care and specialty practices.

Simplifying growth and fulfilling the needs of growing businesses with amazing flexibility and incredible speed, this robust suite from GBMS enables a true and unified picture of critical up-to-the-minute business information under online environment. GBMS helps you to adapt quickly to business changes on the fly. It follows iterative implementation enabling its usage from day one of implementation. It is very simple to use, requires minimal user training and demands least resource utilization. GBMS is available with the option which can be deployed at the Head Offices/ Main Locations and accessible from Regional Offices/ Branches. GBMS has inbuilt Web and Mobility support with SMS alerts. Critical information can be accessed through WAP devices


  • Medical history database
  • Encounter Capturing
  • Progress Note writer with customization capable
  • Patient Scheduler
  • Paper document repository
  • Prescription Writer
  • Electronic SuperBill generator
  • ICD9/CPT/HCPCS/modifier codes search
  • Billing module
  • Fully integrated patient portal, referral portal, and e-prescribing
  • Lab interface
  • Custom forms
  • Daily backup of data
  • Batch eligibility checking
  • Patient statement generation
  • Custom reports
  • Automated Clinical Documentation
  • Customizable Templates and Flow Sheets
  • Built-in Decision Support Tools and Alerts
  • Comprehensive Rx and Lab Management
  • Automated E&M Coding
  • Integrated Patient Education Protocols
  • Secure Access to Patient Records
  • Voice Recognition Integrated
  • Wireless and Internet Enabled
  • Outcome, Status and Quality Reporting